Getting Started

Selecting a Design
This would be the first step of the web creation process. When looking at the site, if you click any of the ‘sign-up’ buttons, or go to the template page, you can select from all of our template designs. We offer many template options and for most of the thumbnail pictures there is a drop-down menu with more template options that are variations on the initial design. When selecting a template it is a good idea to choose a template variation that will compliment colors used in your company logo. When you have found a suitable template design, click the ‘select template’ button to move to the next step of the process. Keep in mind with the RapidListings system you can revisit your choice and select a different template as often as you like by going to the Change Template section of your control panel after creating an account.

While selecting templates you may see various icons appear on the selections and please be advised that not all templates function quite the same way. There are templates that stretch to fill your screen and these are marked with a 100% icon. Any template not marked as such is a fixed width template and probably has a lesser horizontal range to its display. There is another icon that reads NS which means Non Standard. Non standard template designs vary from the rest in odd ways, sometimes because they lack or enhance certain display elements. Finally be sure to check the template selections from time to time because templates are a fluid thing and sometimes older templates are retired or new templates are added and there may be options available to you that you have yet to discover.

Entering Account Information
The next step is to fill in the required fields that will populate your new website. When filling out this simple form, be sure to use proper text formatting. When the form is completely filled out click the ‘Create Your FREE Website’ button. This will generate the new website. The set-up process is the same for all of our packages. If the ‘sign up’ button was used for one of our premium packages the next page that would be seen is the payment information screen. If this was a sign up for the free site then the next page that will be seen is the actual control panel for the website.

Introduction to the Control Panel
The “Control Panel” is the interface tool that will help you control all the aspects of your “Public Site”. Please use Internet Explorer as your browser whenever you go to edit your website from your control panel as other browsers do not display all of your options properly. You can access the control panel of your website at anytime from any computer hooked to the internet by logging in at OR Simply insert the e-mail address you signed up with and your password. The control panel is laid out in a ‘file tab’ format to help you manage the different aspects of your website.

The left hand column is reserved for Tips, Suggestions, and Advice to assist you in the set-up of your website. At the top of the left hand column you will see our support information and the bottom of that same column we have a Live On-line Support button. You can view your “Public Site” by clicking the link at the top of the left column that notes your site's current live address!

Your Public Website
Your Public Website is the site that your clients will see. All sites are initially generated with a default URL such as, with "m" representing the first initial of the inforamtion entered into the "first name" text field (such as "my") and "name" being the information entered in the "last name" text field (such as "name"). Most agents choose to upgrade and attach a domain to their site such as- www.’yourdomain’.com . A domain folder is attached to the free sites such as . We do not, however, allow for domain name attachment to free sites. Anyone with internet access can access these websites, the websites with domains attached to them do much better in the search engines.

The ‘Public Website’ link in your control panel is there for easy previewing of the changes you make to your public site while you are in the control panel.

Free Website - Advertisements
You will notice, if you have a free website package, that there maybe some small ‘Ads by Google’ on some of the back pages of your website. These are only on the free website solution and go away as soon as the website is upgraded. These ads help pay for the expenses involved in providing a free website solution.

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